This blog is one gaijin's attempt to learn Japanese through mnemonics, puns, and general linguistic absurdity.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Aさん:「I don't understand。。。」
Zさん:"Soon a tuna will jump out of the ocean and land on the beach..."
Zさん:"...and then the tuna will become covered in sand, or 砂, making it a 砂ツナ."
Aさん:「。。。 I get it.  So, soon a tuna 砂ツナ!」
Zさん:"Soon a tuna 砂ツナ!"
Aさん:「So。。。 soon a 砂ツナ食べるな。。。」
Zさん:"Depending on the amount of 砂."

Friday, March 18, 2016


Zさん:"Aさん, you're a trivia buff, right? I have some trivia questions for you."
Aさん:「OK, shoot.」
Zさん:"If you have a bunch of old junk you don't need, you put it in... what?"
Zさん:"What do you call a large funnel-shaped twister storm?"
Zさん:"What is the capital of California?"
Aさん:「Sacrament. ... ah... I get it... very well, I have some trivia questions for you as well.  What do you call singing along to pre-recorded pop songs in a bar?」
Zさん:"Carry Okee."
Aさん:「What do you call ritualistic Japanese suicide?」
Zさん:"Harry Carry."
Aさん:「What do you call Japanese open-hand martial arts?」
Zさん:"Ka Rah Tee... ok, ok, I see your point.  Touché."
Aさん:「Hmm, you know, I bet we'd both struggle with フランス語。」 

Friday, March 11, 2016


Zさん:"Mmm... ケーキ."

Friday, March 4, 2016


Aさん:「Hey, Zさん , glad you could make it!  I'd like to introduce you to some friends of mine.  This is Jonathon Smith, Kenneth Jones, and Charles Pawn.」
Zさん:"Nice to meet you, ... Jon, Ken, ... Pawn."
Pawnさん:"Nice to meet you too, 。。。あいこでしょ。"